Main Street

Main Street. Two words that evoke nostalgic feelings and warm memories in many people. That’s proof that place matters, and that main streets exist as places of civic pride and community congregation. They are a reflection of what we love about our towns and our neighbors.

The Michigan Main Street Center at MSHDA exists to help communities develop main street districts that attract both residents and businesses, promote commercial investment and spur economic growth.

The Village of Cassopolis is at the Associate Level of the Main Street Program.

Associate: 1 Year
The Associate Level is the introduction to the Michigan Main Street program, providing communities with no-cost training available in Selected and Master Level Michigan Main Street communities across the state. The intent of the Associate Level is to provide communities with a basic understanding and knowledge of the Main Street Four-Point Approach® to generate broad based support for the effort locally. Additionally, communities learn the benefits and requirements of the Michigan Main Street program, in order to prepare for the Selected Level.

All participating communities are encouraged to bring as many volunteers as possible to take part in the trainings. This Associate Level lasts one year, though communities may choose to stay in the program with a renewed commitment. Associate Level communities must successfully complete all trainings the year prior to applying for the Selected Level. Currently, 18 Michigan communities are a part of the Associate Level program.

Associate: 1 Year
• Attendance at all Associate Level trainings
• Attendance at the National Main Street Conference and/or The Michigan Downtown Conference
• Biannual Reports to MMS
• Michigan Main Street Program Overview Presentation

Appointed Board
President Ben Anderson
Office: 269-591-0423
Secretary Dana J. Jenkins
Office: 269-927-8100 Ext 5232
Cell: 269-845-1527
Treasurer Tonia Betty
Office: 269-445-8648
Committee Member James E. Rosema
Office: 616-401-8643
Committee Member Anthony Myrthil
Office: 312-869-9512
Committee Member Heather Carter
Office: 269-506-5567
Committee Member Rick Drews
Office: 269-340-9142
Committee Member David L. Johnson
Office: 317-223-8947
Committee Member Vacant