New Resident Information

As a new resident in the Village of Cassopolis, you might want to know a number of things related to utilities, registering to vote, property taxes, etc.

Who is the electric utility provider?
The Village of Cassopolis is served by two (2) electric utilities:

  • Indiana Michigan Power Company, a subsidiary of American Electric Power.
    877-237-2886. To report a power outage: 1-800-311-6424.
  • Midwest Energy Cooperative: 269-445-1000 or 445-0458.

The Village Hall will not have access to any information that will tell you which one is your provider. If you just purchased your home, your realtor should provide this information as part of the sales process. If you are renting a home or apartment, your  landlord will have this information for you.

Who is the gas utility?
Gas utility services are provided by SEMCO. Their customer service number is:
269-624-2019. For a gas leak or other gas utility emergency, call: 1-888-427-1427.

Which utility company provides telephone service?
Frontier, formerly known as Verizon.
For residential service related questions and information call: 1-800-483-4000.
For business service related questions and information call: 1-800-483-5000
Service and repair: 1-800-483-1000.

There is a newly published telephone number for Frontier: 1-877-462-8188.
For more information, you may also go to:

How do I get my utilities turned on?
The process may vary depending on the individual utility’s rules and policies.

Which utility provides internet service?
The new HughesNet Gen 5 Internet is now available. For more information about this satellite internet provider please see:

Who provides water and sewer service?
The Village operates the water and sewer service systems in the Village of Cassopolis. Please the Village Hall during business hours to make arrangements.

Trash Service?
The Village contracts for rubbish service. All residential properties receive this service. The service is not paid for by your property taxes. The rubbish service is then billed with your water and sewer bills each month. Industrial, commercial, institutional and apartment complexes must arrange for their own service.

Registering to Vote
If you are eligible to vote in the State of Michigan, you may register at Lagrange Township. Please contact Amy Juroff at (269) 782-5939.

Property Taxes
If you are the property owner and reside within the Village of Cassopolis, you will receive two property tax statement mailings per year, one in late November/early December (often referred to as the Winter taxes) which will be due on February 14 and one in late June or early July (Summer taxes) which is due on September 14.

The taxes collected in February (Winter) are not payable at the Village Hall. They must be paid to the LaGrange Township Treasurer. That information will be in your tax statement. This will appear as a single tax bill.

The taxes collected in September (Summer) will have two separate tax bills:
One from LaGrange Township and payable only to the LaGrange Township Treasurer.
The other will be from the Village and is payable only to the Village of Cassopolis Treasurer. They must be paid separately.

It should also be noted that when paying your tax bills, they must not be combined with any other obligation due to the Village, such as water and sewer bills.

The Village only accepts payment with cash, check or money order.