Semco Energy Warning

After numerous complaints from residents being contacted by solicitors claiming to represent and/or wearing Semco Energy Gas Company logos and offering to put them on a special rate we decided to contact Semco directly.

Semco said these people do not work for Semco Energy and should not be wearing anything that would imply they work for the company. We (Semco) do not solicit customers asking for account numbers or any other information. Customers should be very careful about showing their energy bill to strangers which contains their personal information. All of Semco’s field personnel carry Semco Energy photo identification.

Semco Energy customers have the option to buy natural gas from an alternative gas supplier, however, Semco does not solicit customers to sign up for the Gas Customer Choice program.

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) provides a list of all alternative gas suppliers licensed in Michigan at

If customers have questions about being contacted by someone claiming to represent Semco Energy, you can call 800-624-2019 or e-mail


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